Top ten dog care tips


After having a dog into your family, your life becomes more fun and rewarding. The warmth and loyalty that your dog offers to you is equal to the love offered by an entire family. Thus, it is your duty to provide your dog with a lot of love, care, shelter and food in return. Following are the ten basic dog care tips to treat your pooch like a family:

1.    Let your pooch have his identification tag. Give you dog a collar that includes his name, address and telephone number. Thus, even if your dog is lost, he can be easily gotten back by someone who sees his identification around his neck.

2.   Have a word with your veterinarian or local animal shelter in regard to the rules governing pet ownership around your area for all types of licensing and vaccination.

3.   Take your dog outside only in leash. It doesn’t matter whether your dog is well-trained, you can still not guarantee your control over him. Thus, the best option is to keep your dog in a leash.

4.   Just like the humans, dogs, too are social creatures who love to be with their families. Thus, it is important for you to spend time with your dog in the indoors. Though a fenced yard and a dog house serve good ideas for your pooch, yet they do not replace the warm companionship of people.

5.   Take your dog for an annual visit to your veterinarian for an entire checkup. If not veterinarian, you can choose a local animal shelter or can also seek help from a friend who owns dogs. A dog’s health is very important.

6.   Indulge in the activities like spaying or neutering your pooch to control the animal overpopulation. This is considered to be one of the first steps on the path to responsible ownership of the pets.

7.   Let your dog feed on a nutritious diet every day. Consult your veterinarian about a healthy diet of your dog. Serve your dog with the fresh water to drink as well.

8.   Like a small child, your dog too, apart from being trained, expects an appropriate behavior with the same loving nature from you. Thus, you must learn the art of training your dog in all love and care by the way of a training class. This will not only help you to control your pet, but also make the bond in between you and your dog stronger.

9.   Your pooch needs to stay fit, healthy and clean. Thus, don’t forget to pamper your dog using a dog wash while bathing him. Also, you must take out plenty of time to play with your pooch. This should include a daily walk and any physical activity of your dog’s choice. Don’t forget to clean your dog with a dog wash after you both are done playing in the outdoors.

10.  You can bet that your pooch is going to fill you with all the love and loyalty and he expects the same kinds of emotions from you. Thus, it is very important for you to show patience while you are working with your pooch.

Why is the grooming of dog so important?

catel-imbaiat-1024x815Dog grooming is really a thing now. Where at one end this concept seems to be pretty straightforward, on the other end a number of dog owners don’t understand the literal essence of dog grooming at all. Thus, they do not know what dog grooming is all about. Basically, the grooming of dog includes all the big as well as small aspects of washing and caring for your pooch’s hair as well as his overall hygiene. The professional dog groomers who are into the business are fairly trend to wash, cut, dry as well as style the coat of your dog and to further keep them under control while they are afraid of their grooming session.

What makes grooming a major requirement?

A regular grooming of your pooch involves a number of advantages. Along with aerating your dog’s coat and promoting its healthy growth by the use of grooming tools and dog wash, grooming of your dog also motivates a good blood circulation and minimizes the grease levels in the coat and ward off matted hair that eventually minimize the skin complaints and soreness in your pooch.

Another important benefit of grooming your dog is that dog grooming is considered to be an excellent opportunity using which you can ensure that your pooch is healthy as well as blithe. Thus, you must take your dog to a professional dog groomer on a regular basis in order to make sure that your dog is not suffering from any kind of health condition such as sebaceous cysts or matted fur in between his paw pads silently.

Health benefits of a regular dog grooming:

Following are considered as the health benefits of a regular dog grooming of your dog:

  •         Your dog gets freedom from all kinds of discomfort.
  •         Grooming wards off all kinds of eye, skin, ear, teeth as well as nail infections.
  •         Grooming eases all kinds of vet checks since your pooch is accustomed and prepared to being handled by the professionals.
  •         Grooming increases the sociability of your dog as it becomes a very easy and positive experience for your dog.
  •         Grooming reduces the huge toll of medical bills as it wards off infections and diseases and also identifies various health issues before they become an emergency.

Why to prefer a professional dog groomer for your pooch?


A DIY grooming can never compete the quality of a professional dog grooming. All the professional dog groomers entertain a good expertise as well as skill in terms of the use of dog grooming tools such as dog wash, dog shampoo, dog trimmer and many others. The grooming done by these professional groomers is an enjoyable experience for your dogs as well. A dog groomer:

  •         Cleans up the mess after a wash.
  •         Calms all the actions involving wiggling and protesting by your dog.
  •         Trims all the sensitive areas to perfection.
  •         Groom your pooch to maintain its coat with all the ease and effortlessness.

Thus, you must take your pooch for a grooming session right away.

iClean Dog Wash

iClean Dog Wash


Do you remember the times when a visit to the groomer for your pooch was only restricted up to the activities like haircut, bath, brushing as well as paw-dicure? Fortunately, the dimensions have changed for good nowadays and considering the growing needs of dog-grooming, iClean Dog Wash has availed some wider options as well as services for your dogs.

The basic services of grooming your dogs have become very obsolete today. In this fashion-forward generation, well-primped dogs are walking out of their grooming salon with more charm, colors, and rejuvenation. In fact, their grooming is certainly giving them a big makeover.

So what exactly is in the store for all your lovely pooches? Take a look at these amazing grooming offers that iClean Dog Wash has availed for your dog:

Colorful Highlights:


Yes, the colorful highlight on the fur of your pet is done by way of some of the most vibrantly colored chalks. This highlighting is done on the small areas with an aim to create quirky and bold statements following some of the most unnatural shades. The highlighting done is temporary and is easily washable. Thus, you can save your bucks on a heavy rainy day!


Your dog will surely carry this look with utmost charm and elegant. Thus, he doesn’t necessarily need to be a Puli to carry dreads. The dogs are groomed in the most beautiful manner to give them an amazing look full of dreadlocks.

Stenciled Designs:

How about your pet sporting an amazing design on its body? It could be of your favorite football team’s logo or your favorite brand or just another quirky and colorful image. These stenciled designs are similar to the tattoos for the canines. However, the technique supported here involves non-toxic colors which could be washed off easily.

Jewels, Feathers and Nail Paint:

Adorn your pets with the best of accessories to give them a more exaggerated and smart look. All the fashionistas and fashion-conscious people would definitely want to try this service. Decorate your partner with colors from toes to ears. Put on beautiful feathers on to them. Also, your dog would love to wear the amazing crystal-like jewels on its fur.

Round and Square Faces:

If you happen to follow a square fashion sense, you would love to see your dog in a square-shaped fur. Well, the same goes with the people who admire round fashion. This hair-cutting technique is ubiquitous in Taiwan.

Coloring your Pooch: Warning provided!

How about coloring your dog entirely from head to tail? These dye-jobs have become a trend and are going far beyond the plain plus-ups that have been described above. However, a word of caution here is that you must not attempt this dying at your homes. You must appoint a professional groomer to perform the same. Also, you must make sure that the groomer doesn’t use toxic dyes. Human hair dye is a complete NO. Homemade experiments could prove to be a threat to your pooch’s sensitive skin.

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How to Keep Your Pet Dog’s Coat Healthy

How to Keep Your Pet Dog’s Coat Healthy

Every pet dog needs a good grooming regimen. Ensure that your pet has a healthy skin and coat. This is an essential part of the upkeep of a healthy dog. The amount of care your pet needs will vary, but regular cleaning sessions are essential.

You can have this done by professionals. Seek out reputable groomers in your locality. Check with your veterinarian, your local pet specialty store or other pet owners. Experienced groomers are usually well trained and familiar with the needs of your particular breed of dog. In addition to fur care, they’ll also clean your dog’s ears and cut his nails.

On the other hand, you can also choose to groom your dog yourself, fully or in part. This is an excellent opportunity to spend time and the perfect bonding experience with your dog. Dogs love the attention of a good brushing.

Health and Appearance

A healthy dog will have a coat that is soft and relatively smooth even on short or wired hair breeds. The coat should not give out a strong odor and should be shiny without being greasy.

A dog with that has a unhealthy coat will have lots of loose hair and quite a lot dry and brittle hair in its coat. The coat, in general, may also be greasy or have a dusty appearance along with bald spots and an unpleasant oily smell.

Bathing Dogs

  • In general, dogs are content without a bath. The “Doggy Smell” is mostly caused by a buildup of bacteria and oil on a dog’s coat. Bathing will eliminate this.
  • Avoid “over-bathing, ” as it can lead to dry skin and irritation. Don’t bathe a dog more than once a month, unless your pet is particularly prone to getting dirty.
  • It’s not advisable to use shampoo designed for people. Baby shampoo might be gentle and won’t irritate the eyes, but is so mild that it won’t remove heavy grime or grease.
  • Purchasing cleaning products formulated for your particular breed is ideal.



Hair is mostly made of protein, and one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy coat is nutrition. The better your pet’s food, the better will be his coat. Foods rich in essential fatty acids are good for your dog’s fur coat. If your dog shows signs of trouble with his coat or skin, the problem might lie with his diet.

Taking Care of the Fur coat

Needless to say, brushing at regular intervals is the most important part of grooming a pet dog.

As dogs prone to shedding, their fur coat should be brushed once a week.

Long-haired breeds — such as Irish setters, border collies, shelties, and Pomeranians — need to be brushed twice a week.

Short-haired breeds benefit from regular grooming as well.

There are as many different types of brushes as there are types of coats on a dog. Brushing requires the appropriate tools. Ideally, you will require two brushes: a wide spaced teeth for the outer layer of the coat and a finer brush for the face.

Your local pet specialty store is sure to stock these. You can also ask your veterinarian or fellow dog owners for



Oral hygiene is essential for dogs as much as it is for us humans. In fact, it might actually be more critical for our four legged friends than us. This is due to the fact that unfortunately, dogs are more prone to oral infections and inflammations in the tooth and gum regions. Periodontal diseases occupy a lot of time in your vet’s schedule, with over 70% of pets getting it at some point within the first 3 years of their lives. Regular cleaning of the teeth, especially the region where the teeth meet the gums (also known as gingival sulcus) is essential to maintain your pet’s oral health and avoid potentially dangerous periodontal diseases.


Though vets and pet grooming professionals generally take care of these procedures as well, your dog’s oral hygiene can be easily achieved and maintained at home with some effort and training. Here is how to get it done at home:


  1. Get him/her used to the process: Dogs respond well to gradual and deliberate conditioning. They need to get used to your hands working on their mouth, teeth and gums. This will take time above anything else. So go about it gradually, rewarding them for allowing your hands to touch their teeth and gums while lying down. For starters, you might want to reward them for letting you lift their lips or opening their mouth. Getting them to keep still without getting excited is the key here. Use caution and plenty of positive reinforcement, since it is very easy to get bitten during this whole process, even if purely by accident.


  1. Get the right tools and training: if you plan on doing nothing more than brushing your pooch’s teeth and gums, getting a good brush from the pet supplies section is all the preparation you will need. Just remember to be gentle when wielding the brush! But if you want, you can go all professional on this and get a proper set of dental instruments for scaling and cleaning the gum line. After all, nothing is too much for your furball, is it? But professional tools means getting some level of formal training on handling these instruments. You can do more harm than good if your attempt to scale tartar and clean plaque without knowing how to properly use these instruments.


  1. You might want to knock them out: and by that we mean putting your pet under anesthesia. The best results can be achieved with professional dental instruments if you put them under anesthesia. But unfortunately, this is not an advisable practice for home use unless you have professional training in veterinary medicine. Best bet in this instance might be to head to your vet and get a comprehensive dental examination also done at the same time. An annual oral exam with dental x-rays is essential anyways.


So, unless you have the time and resources to commit to getting some formal training, stick to training your dog to sit still while you brush his/her teeth on a daily/regular basis. Head to your vet at least once a year for a comprehensive dental health checkup and professional oral cleaning session. If you are unable to spend time on brushing their teeth everyday, give your pets a healthy supply of rawhide chews infused with dental enzymes. These are easily available in pet stores and will help your dog keep his/her teeth and gums clean.




Okay, global warming or not, the summers aren’t getting any cooler. The heat is getting too much for us, and we don’t even have a thick coat of fur on our backs. So just imagine what our dearest four-legged friends must be going through in the sweltering summer heat! We all want the best for our darlings, so why not shave their fur off and help them cool off? It may seem like a no-brainer, but things are not that simple. Vets and grooming experts discourage the practice of completely shaving your dog’s fur. Let us take a closer look at why exactly.

Permanent Hair Loss: For starters, dog fur is NOT the same as human hair. It doesn’t grow back in the same way as ours do, nor at constant rates. In some cases, it may NEVER grow back. So think twice before taking that extreme step with your pooch. She might never be the same again. And it could cause lasting damage to her skin and health. The risk is acute for breeds with a thick double coat. For breeds with shorter single coats, like the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise, shaving can be a safe and often beneficial step. Always consult your Vet before taking any action.

A Natural Cooling System: A dog’s temperature regulation system is quite different from our own. When we look at a dog with a thick hairy coat, we often equate it to us wearing a thick winter coat. But that is the wrong analogy. Dog fur actually helps insulate their bodies from outside temperature and keeps them cool, much like a well-insulated home protects us from outside heat. Remove that coat and they are left exposed.

The risk of Sunburns and Allergies: And exposure to the sun is a strict no-no for a dog’s exposed skin. It is not as sturdy as ours and is not designed to handle direct sunlight. When you shave a dog, you are exposing its skin to the sun for the first time in its life probably. At times, even a few minutes out in the sun would be enough to give it a real bad sunburn.And a dog’s skin shorn of its protective coat is also very sensitive to dirt, pollen, mites, and allergens. Without its protective coating, the skin can fall prey to allergies and other potentially dangerous health issues.

Alternative and Tips for Beating the Heat

If you have a breed with a long fur coat,  getting some of that extra fur trimmed, preferably by a grooming expert could be a safer alternative. But in most cases, dogs usually shed excess fur on their own in summer months. Brushing their coats in these high-shedding periods will help a great deal in keeping them cool. If the mercury rises too high, a belly shave by an expert might help. That part of the body is seldom exposed to the sun, and it can be easily cooled by your dog lying down in a cool spot. Also, keep in mind the following things make summers less of a problem for your dog:

  • Don’t leave them outdoors for too long in the hot sun.
  • Keep them hydrated, with plenty of water around.
  • Never leave your dog alone in a vehicle in the middle of the day.
  • Take them out for walks and runs in mornings or evenings, not when the sun is up.