Why You Must Only Rely On Professional Dog Grooming?

Picture2Many people consider dog grooming as a part of aesthetics, but, actually it is also important keeping the health of the dog in mind. Thus, everyone must only rely on professional dog grooming.
Grooming dog at home can be a troublesome task and hence, you should consider professional dog grooming. There are many benefits of professional dog grooming.

1. Healthy Grooming
Professional pet groomers are expert at their work. They are especially trained to make the pets look prim and perfect without causing them any trouble, injury or pain.
Generally, when we groom our dogs at home, we end up accidently hurting them by scratches, skin irritations or cuts. A dog groomer, on the other hand, pays attention to every single thing and makes sure to groom the dog without causing any injury.
The groomers check the paws of the dog for any cut, puncture or thorn and in presence of them they offer proper care and protection to keep infections at bay.
For skin infections, the groomers use suitable products to prevent further spread of infection. If you groom your pet that has a skin condition, at home you might end up causing irritation to it.

2. Nail Trimming
Nail of your pet dog must be trimmed once in a month. Many pet owners shy away from trimming the nails of their pet dogs as the dogs get quite cranky. Also, you might not know the exact size that the nail should be.
The pet groomers know the exact technique of nail trimming.

3. Hair Cuts
Like us, dogs too need haircuts. Instead, there are certain dog species that need haircut more than we need. Poodle is the breed that requires regular haircuts as their hair grow continuously. Professional groomers can give these dogs a perfect hair cut.

4. Grooming Supplies
You cannot groom your pet with your own grooming kit. Your little dog requires its own grooming kit. Long haired breeds need different grooming supplies and short haired breeds need different. A professional pet groomer knows which breed needs what and uses the apt grooming supplies for every dog. Hence, you must only rely on professional pet groomers.

iClean-Dog-Wash-Classic-Front5. Dog Massage
You sure have a pet, but, do you know the muscle group of your pet? And if you don’t know the muscle groups, you can never offer a good massage to your pet. A pet groomer knows the muscle groups of your pet dog and hence, he can offer him an excellent massage.

6. Detection of Abnormalities
A professional groomer is an expert in detecting the abnormalities like lumps, rashes, skin discoloration, bald patches, skin lesions, bleeding or discoloration of gums and hence, he can easily tell if a dog is ill.

7. Parasites
A groomer can also tell if a dog has parasites. He will detect the coat and check fleas other parasites that you might not see.

8. Tips
A groomer can tell if your dog’s skin is dry or oily, the kind of food he needs and other useful tips like cleaning and brushing teeth, et al.


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