A clean dog is a happy dog, and taking care of your dog is the best way to have a happy pup. Grooming your dog does much more than making them happy, it is also a way to keep them healthy and free from illnesses. A dog wash is so much more than just a bowl of soap and water, and with a professional cleaner trying to get your dog clean, there are also a lot of things to it. A lot of things have changed, and there are new ways to give your pet the love and care they deserve; have them relaxed and primed up, ready to strut the streets with their new look. You could give your dog a makeover, a fur cut, and even get their nails looking beautiful and snazzy. If you are planning on booking an appointment, you need to have an idea of the various grooming services and how they could bring some sparkle in your dog’s appearance.

Having your dog geometrically groomed.

One of the latest trends making its rounds in the grooming community is geometrical grooming, but it is not something new; poodles have been known to rock this trend for a while now. It’s something similar to going to a barber and having some creative designs shaved on a head of hair. It works best for dogs that have lots of fur. It also works for curly furred dogs. This trend is very popular for the shapes that can be cut on the fur around the hair and the face region. A dog groomer cuts the shape, according to your specification. If you are in a bit of a bind on which shape to choose, the cube and sphere shapes are currently the most popular trends.

Customize the color of your dog with a dye job

Stenciling and dye jobs are the new black, with a lot of creative ways to get your dog looking just so adorable, there’s no way your dog’s walking out of a session looking anything other than fabulous. There is no end to what you can do in the dye session; you could dye the entire body of your dog, or just sections. You could die in different colors and shapes. You could also make your dog look like a different animal, for instance, a zebra. The good things about these dyes are that they are not toxic and come out in about six washes.

Have your dog’s nails sparkle and shimmer.

Grooming your dog doesn’t have to end in a simple pedicure, you could also take it a step further, having your dog look different by painting the nails. This trend is called doggy nail art and consists of the use of environmentally friendly nail polish to get the nails looking great. You can select a color that complements your dog’s eyes or get some studded jewels for that royal look.


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