How to groom a dog with long hair?



Dogs with long hair are beautiful and gorgeous. Their long hair make them look elegant and rest of the dogs jealous. But do you know dog with long hair demand a different and more indulging grooming than the rest of the dogs? Apart from using a good quality dog wash, the grooming of dogs with long hair require much more.

Dogs with long hair are groomed in the following manner:


In order to bathe your long-haired dog, it is always suggested to start the bathing process from top to bottom. The water must be poured from the very top to the very bottom and you must apply the dog shampoo in the same manner. You can use your fingers in order to remove the debris that are caught up in the hair. However, you must never forget to use a de-tangler cum moisturizing conditioner post the process of shampooing your long-haired pooch.


You can either allow the dog’s hair to get dry by itself or can also use a hot air blower. Not only this, you can also make your dog lie down near a heat vent in order to get all its hair dried. All the dogs with long hair need a duration of at least two or three hours in order to dry their coat completely.


The next process after drying the long hair or your dog involves trimming. You can trim the hairs which grow around the toe-pads of your pooch. Also, long hair pose a lot of problem when your pooch runs and thus there are chances of slipping. You must also make the use of special dog nail clippers in order to ward off the toe nails from growing and getting too sharp.


Post the process of washing your dog using a dog wash, you must involve in a regular brushing of your pooch in order to prevent all kinds of tangles and matting on to your dog’s coat. You can use a pin brush or a rotating comb to serve the purpose. You must make sure to remove the collar of your pooch before starting with the process of brushing. Brush you dog gently in order to make sure that your dog is all comfortable while being brushed.

Tick Prevention:

The best time where you can apply medication and clean your pooch’s ear is when its coat gets dry prior to brushing the coat. You must apply the tick medication along the spine of your pooch and must distribute when the coat is brushed. You must clean your pooch regularly.


This is done while getting ready your dog for the show. You must make sure that the hair of your dog doesn’t have any tangles while fluffing your pooch.


Make the use of dog grooming clipper in order to groom all the hair on your pooch’s face. Run the clipper on to your palm in order to make sure that it doesn’t cut the skin. For a short-hair groom, make the use of the clippers at an angle. For the long hair, keep the clippers flat.

This is how to groom your long-haired pooch with all the fineness.



Dog grooming hacks to save your time and money



A dog is a man’s best friend and therefore you must always keep your best friend happy. Your loyal pooch needs a lot of attention and pampering. Thanks to a number of dog grooming products that you can now pamper your dogs at the best.

Dog grooming products may cost you a bomb sometimes. This is where some of the most amazing hacks for dog grooming comes to an escape. Using these hacks, you can easily groom your dog. The same would help you to save your time, money and of course, your energy.

Following listed are some of the most common dog grooming hacks that help you to groom your dog at the best with the least used efforts

  • Three different uses of cornstarch:

Corn starch could be used in three different ways to groom your pooch. You can sprinkle this ingredient on to the mats and tangles of your dog before brushing his coat. This will treat the tangles and hence you can easily comb the coat of your dog. You can also make the use of cornstarch like a dry shampoo by the way of sprinkling it on the oily areas and brushing away all the grease. Lastly, cornstarch could be used on the coat of your dog to make it dazzling bright.

  • Brush prior bathing:

In order to eliminate the tangles, it is always safer to brush the coat of your dog before bathing him with his favorite dog wash. You can mix boar and plastic bristle brush to serve the purpose.

  • The use of the right tools:

Use a non-slip bath tub mat in order to ward off slipping. Use a suction cup bathing tether for all kinds of reluctant bath recipients. Lastly, make the use of a hair trap in order to prevent the clogging of your sink.

  • Take care of the nails:

Pamper your dog’s nails by using a pet nail trimmer to cut off all the overgrown claw tips. You can further round and shape up your pooch’s nails by using a rough sandpaper drum.

  • Oh! Glow:

Using fish oil or flaxseed oil to improve the texture and overall appearance of your dog isn’t a bad idea at all.

  • The butter hack:

Using coconut oil or butter on all kinds of scaly nose, paw pads and many other rough areas can save your pooch from all kinds of dryness and keep him happy.

  • The use of grooming wipes:

Dirty booties, paws and ears could easily be swiped by the use of grooming wipes. These wipes are disposable. They do not entertain any harmful ingredient. Thus, you can swab these wipes occasionally to clean your pooch’s private parts. The use of wipes could be an alternative for all kinds of dog wash.

Follow these easy-peasy grooming hacks and groom your pooch at the best. Grooming your dog has become a common practice. Do not hesitate in making the most out of it. Happy petting.


Dog Wash


How Grooming Can Benefit Your Dog

Irrespective of what advertisements are given by the pet salons, dog grooming is something more than a canine luxury. It is a sheer necessity and certainly, it will not be making hole in your pocket. The moment you give your canine perfect Dog Wash, the clean smelling fragrant companion of yours will certainly be making you  happy. Washing can keep your dog clean and more comfortable. Furthermore you will be able to find varying health problems right before they turn out serious or even life threatening.

So How Important Is Pet Grooming

A mat can always render consistent pull on your loving canine skin.. When you are brushing and combing the dog, it hardly needs to know how the mat feels like. Everyday grooming helps you look through the bumps and lumps, also the injuries. In addition, you will also be able to locate the ticks from the coat. Next, your veterinarian should be followed up if you are having any question hovering your mind. When you are having shorthaired breed it is easier comparatively to take care of their coat.

What About Other Breeds

As far as other breeds are concerned, such as Alaskan Malamutes, Keeshonden, Collies and Chows, they are practically double coated so they are having downy undercoat right beneath their harsher layer. So to get rid of any discomfort, it would be better to divide the coat into smaller sections thus brushing against the outward skin. This should be done from head to tail one section after another. You need to brush always no matter how much shedding you accumulate.

What About Silky Coats

There are few silky coat canines like Maltese, Afghan Hounds, Cockers they also look for consistent brushing to maintain the tangles from forming. Double-coated dogs are needed to be combed in smaller sections. Brushing in outward motion can actually give your dog, the glossy finished look. Such coats look for much attention, so sometimes it is seen that the groomer is keeping the dog well trimmed, maintaining the coat in medium length. This is certainly one practical option to opt for.  Experts opine that long haired dogs if they are well trimmed, their shedding would never be much.

1-Dog-Wash-XL-VoorkantWhat about Curly and Wavy

Dog Wash  is challenging with Terriers and Poodles as they are having wiry and curly coat. They need weekly brushing also grain working. In every six week, the curly coats are required to be clipped, about the wiry ones, they are to be clipped three times a year. To maintain sharper looks, the Terrier should be clipped every six week.

Good Grooming is Always Advantageous

Grooming should never be neglected. Grooming calms down the dog also, it is a special moment for both of you to share. A coat with no mats, tangles and burrs also no ticks or fleas will certainly be comfortable for the dog. It is identical with wearing fresh and clean clothes for you as it will be making you feel good. If you are having allergy, keeping the pooch clean is better.

Some Added Advantages

You may give your dog finest tummy rub it would be relaxing thus easing the day’s stress.


Tending to Your Pet Dog – at Home!


Not surprisingly, there are plenty of dog owners who underestimate the importance of grooming their pet. They are under the impression that visiting a dog wash once every month is more than sufficient. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

It’s not about a full fledged grooming session at a salon, but rather about basic dog grooming. Your pet dog needs to be taken regular care of daily as part of his basic maintenance in order to keep him clean and presentable until his next grooming appointment.

With the easy dog grooming tips below, it’s not that hard to accomplish and only takes a few minutes each day. And there’s the added bonus of spending quality time with your pet dog in order to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

These simple steps will help your pet dog maintain overall health, make him look great and have him get accustomed to the entire process of grooming, thus making the sessions much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Take the time to brush your pet dog daily. It will take only a few minutes and you can also check his entire body for ticks, fleas, or any lumps and bumps that appear suspect. If you find any, consult with your vet.

While brushing out your pet dog’s coat comb the hair in the direction it naturally grows. When you chance across a difficult mat or tangle it’s better to cut it out with scissors rather than put your pet dog through the pain of trying to brush it out completely.


Dog Eyes – Wring out a washcloth soaked in warm water and gently wipe around your pet dog’s eyes removing any debris or accumulated dirt that might have collected.

Dog ears can be a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria if not regularly cleaned. This is even more true for dogs with long hair or inner ear hair. Periodically check your pet dog’s ears for any accumulated debris or foul odor.

Dental hygiene is of utmost importance for your dog. If your pet dog is averse to having his teeth brushed, you can use the tip of your index finger to massage a bit of dog toothpaste around the sides of your Schnauzer’s teeth. You can also wrap your finger with a light gauze for the purpose. Keep in mind that healthy dog gums are firm and pink in color.

Check your pet dog’s nails regularly for any fractures, chips, or breaks. Also the paw pads for any tears or damage. Feel in between the pads while gently stroking the paws. This process will also help a lot in having your pet dog submit to his monthly nail clippings. But be sure to only take off the very tip of the nail or file them down a bit.

It’s not essential that you treat your dog to a salon visit every month. You can easily remove surface dirt from the coat by rinsing with plain warm water once a week. This can help your dog stay clean in between visits to the dog wash every month.

The Secrets of Pet Groomers

Pet grooming is a big industry. The pet owners are relying on the pet groomers to groom their pets. The groomers who are very- well familiar to calming techniques, animal anatomy and other things related to pets, do their work with utmost sincerity.

Let us read about the secrets of the pet groomers that help them to do their job in the best way.


1. It is a risky business

According to Jared Gorton, who co- owns Rhode Island Cat Grooming with Mandi, his wife, says that pet grooming is very risky and dangerous. The pets can bite or scratch when irritated.
The groomers wear gloves to keep themselves safe. They use muzzles when required. Some groomers say no to pets with a history of aggressive behavior.

2. Dogs are the preferred pets

Cats are highly unpredictable and many groomers turn them down. They prefer dogs. But, there are many expert feline- exclusive groomers who are well- versed in their work.

3. Quieter conditions make work easy

Generally, the pet grooming shops are noisy. The noise of running water, blow dryers and barking dogs make the environment chaotic. If the volume is maintained, the pets feel very safe and co- operates.
Brink, who owns a pet grooming facility, keeps the facility favourable for pets by diffusing essential oils.

4. Cats have a phobia of water

Dogs love water, but, cats have a phobia of water. But, some pet groomers say that the statement is not true. Many cats are not scared of water. They are actually scared of loud noises.

5. Groomers connect to animals

Groomers have a way of developing a rapport with the animals. They develop an emotional connect with the animals.

6. Rapport with the pet owners

Pet groomers love pets and so they enter the profession, but, if Kathy and Missi Salzberg, Massachusetts based pet groomers, are to be believed, it is very essential to establish a rapport with the pet owners too.

7. Combs: Their weapons

Combs are the secret weapon that most groomers swear by. Margaret Campbell considers brushes as the most important tool to groom dogs. Combing the hair from head to toe works out the tangles and keeps the coat soft.

8. Client’s pet vocabulary tickles the funny bones

Pet groomers often chuckle at the limited pet vocabulary of their clients. Many clients come and express their wishes. Many come with the idea of a perfect haircut for their pets and use strange vocabulary to describe it. Their vocabulary tickles the funny bones of the groomers.

9. It is not easy to get a certificate

Getting a pet grooming certificate and licence is not an easy job. First the groomers are taught every single thing about pet grooming and then only they are given a professional certificate.

10. Groomers are prone to varicose veins

Pet grooming is a physically challenging job. Long standing hours make them prone to varicose veins as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.

11. They may save the life of your pet

Groomers too understand the anatomy of the pet and can spot infections as well as lumps.

12. They educate pet owners

They think that teaching the basics of grooming to the owners is the need of the hour. The owners would know the basic details about their pet to keep them in good shape.

13. They are attached to their clients

They not just create a bond with the pets, but, also with the pet owners. They work for their owners and love to receive love, affection and gratitude in return.

Why You Must Only Rely On Professional Dog Grooming?

Picture2Many people consider dog grooming as a part of aesthetics, but, actually it is also important keeping the health of the dog in mind. Thus, everyone must only rely on professional dog grooming.
Grooming dog at home can be a troublesome task and hence, you should consider professional dog grooming. There are many benefits of professional dog grooming.

1. Healthy Grooming
Professional pet groomers are expert at their work. They are especially trained to make the pets look prim and perfect without causing them any trouble, injury or pain.
Generally, when we groom our dogs at home, we end up accidently hurting them by scratches, skin irritations or cuts. A dog groomer, on the other hand, pays attention to every single thing and makes sure to groom the dog without causing any injury.
The groomers check the paws of the dog for any cut, puncture or thorn and in presence of them they offer proper care and protection to keep infections at bay.
For skin infections, the groomers use suitable products to prevent further spread of infection. If you groom your pet that has a skin condition, at home you might end up causing irritation to it.

2. Nail Trimming
Nail of your pet dog must be trimmed once in a month. Many pet owners shy away from trimming the nails of their pet dogs as the dogs get quite cranky. Also, you might not know the exact size that the nail should be.
The pet groomers know the exact technique of nail trimming.

3. Hair Cuts
Like us, dogs too need haircuts. Instead, there are certain dog species that need haircut more than we need. Poodle is the breed that requires regular haircuts as their hair grow continuously. Professional groomers can give these dogs a perfect hair cut.

4. Grooming Supplies
You cannot groom your pet with your own grooming kit. Your little dog requires its own grooming kit. Long haired breeds need different grooming supplies and short haired breeds need different. A professional pet groomer knows which breed needs what and uses the apt grooming supplies for every dog. Hence, you must only rely on professional pet groomers.

iClean-Dog-Wash-Classic-Front5. Dog Massage
You sure have a pet, but, do you know the muscle group of your pet? And if you don’t know the muscle groups, you can never offer a good massage to your pet. A pet groomer knows the muscle groups of your pet dog and hence, he can offer him an excellent massage.

6. Detection of Abnormalities
A professional groomer is an expert in detecting the abnormalities like lumps, rashes, skin discoloration, bald patches, skin lesions, bleeding or discoloration of gums and hence, he can easily tell if a dog is ill.

7. Parasites
A groomer can also tell if a dog has parasites. He will detect the coat and check fleas other parasites that you might not see.

8. Tips
A groomer can tell if your dog’s skin is dry or oily, the kind of food he needs and other useful tips like cleaning and brushing teeth, et al.

Top ten dog care tips


After having a dog into your family, your life becomes more fun and rewarding. The warmth and loyalty that your dog offers to you is equal to the love offered by an entire family. Thus, it is your duty to provide your dog with a lot of love, care, shelter and food in return. Following are the ten basic dog care tips to treat your pooch like a family:

1.    Let your pooch have his identification tag. Give you dog a collar that includes his name, address and telephone number. Thus, even if your dog is lost, he can be easily gotten back by someone who sees his identification around his neck.

2.   Have a word with your veterinarian or local animal shelter in regard to the rules governing pet ownership around your area for all types of licensing and vaccination.

3.   Take your dog outside only in leash. It doesn’t matter whether your dog is well-trained, you can still not guarantee your control over him. Thus, the best option is to keep your dog in a leash.

4.   Just like the humans, dogs, too are social creatures who love to be with their families. Thus, it is important for you to spend time with your dog in the indoors. Though a fenced yard and a dog house serve good ideas for your pooch, yet they do not replace the warm companionship of people.

5.   Take your dog for an annual visit to your veterinarian for an entire checkup. If not veterinarian, you can choose a local animal shelter or can also seek help from a friend who owns dogs. A dog’s health is very important.

6.   Indulge in the activities like spaying or neutering your pooch to control the animal overpopulation. This is considered to be one of the first steps on the path to responsible ownership of the pets.

7.   Let your dog feed on a nutritious diet every day. Consult your veterinarian about a healthy diet of your dog. Serve your dog with the fresh water to drink as well.

8.   Like a small child, your dog too, apart from being trained, expects an appropriate behavior with the same loving nature from you. Thus, you must learn the art of training your dog in all love and care by the way of a training class. This will not only help you to control your pet, but also make the bond in between you and your dog stronger.

9.   Your pooch needs to stay fit, healthy and clean. Thus, don’t forget to pamper your dog using a dog wash while bathing him. Also, you must take out plenty of time to play with your pooch. This should include a daily walk and any physical activity of your dog’s choice. Don’t forget to clean your dog with a dog wash after you both are done playing in the outdoors.

10.  You can bet that your pooch is going to fill you with all the love and loyalty and he expects the same kinds of emotions from you. Thus, it is very important for you to show patience while you are working with your pooch.